The Annual Deans’ Meeting will held on Thursday, April 20th from 1:00pm-5:00pm CDT on Zoom.

Friends and guests of the Iona Collaborative, Iona Deans, diocesan staff, and facilitators are all warmly invited to join us for an afternoon of learning and conversation.

In this season of rapid change for the world and the Church, high quality local formation is emerging as more important than ever. Here at the Iona Collaborative, we believe we do this vital work better when we do it together. Whether you are an experienced Iona dean, a colleague from an affiliated program, or just beginning to consider local formation for your diocese, there is something for you at the Iona Collaborative Annual Meeting. 

We will share resources and tips for program development, practice using exciting new tools for assessment and class planning, and celebrate the missional work bivocationally-led churches are doing all over the country. Please be our guests!


Hour 1: Pre-Work, Intro, and Objectives and Outcome (60 minutes total)

  • Pre-Work Reflection and Processing (20 minutes)
  • Quick Orientation to Google Classroom and the day’s process (10 minutes) 
  • Objectives and Outcomes (30 minutes):

Break (10 minutes)

Hour 2: Assessment: Formal assessment (35 minutes total)

  • “Backwards design”: What’s the big picture?  By the end of the session, what will they do/how will they use the content to demonstrate mastery?
  • Possible Products: What might mastery look like other than a test or paper?

Break (10 minute)

Hour 3: Prioritize Content (45 minutes): What do they need to know to be able to demonstrate mastery of the objectives/outcomes?.  

  • What content in the flipped curriculum can be accessed in advance?  What kind of support will they need to access the curriculum independently (e.g., reading guides, PAT list, etc.)?
  • What new learning will be introduced during the session? How might students get access to new learning other than through lecture? 
  • Learning by doing.

Break (15 minutes)

Hour 4: Student Engagement and Final Touches (40 minutes)

  • Initial Assessment of Flipped Learning
  • Informal Assessment/Practice without Penalty:  Weaving a tapestry.
    • Structured Conversations 
    • Deep Questioning
    • What informal processes/practice/conversation, etc. can prepare students for final assessment? 

Plenary: Jamboard Share Out (15 minutes)

  • One surprise from the day
  • One new assessment on student engagement idea
  • One thing you learned from someone else – and who was it?


Speaker for the workshop:

Halley Ortiz is a lawyer turned middle school teacher turned educational consultant in Austin, Texas. She has extensive classroom experience as a teacher and as an instructional coach. Halley has a passion for supporting her clients to develop robust and rigorous curriculum that meets the needs of adult learners. She is honored to have worked closely with parochial, non-profit, public and private entities to build curriculum and teaching/training practices that are meaningful and engaging for adult learners. Her focus is an objective-driven, learner-focused curriculum built with the needs of the student placed at the forefront. She also crochets. She is the daughter of a (retired) priest and member of St. James Episcopal Church, Austin. She received a J.D. from the University of Texas School of Law and an M. Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas State University.

Annual Meeting Cost

Free! We are hosting the meeting on Zoom this year.


Email Tatiana Hoecker for a link to the Zoom registration for the Annual Meeting.