Daily Meeting Schedule and Plenaries

1-2pm: Updates from the Iona Center
2:15-3:45: Plenary Session
3:45-4pm: Break
4-5pm: Coffee and Cocktail Hour (See Registration Links Below)

Plenary 1: Monday, June 28
Reimagining Clergy Formation: Rather than see local formation through the lens of scarcity (too much to do in so little time with such limited resources), what if we start with the unique opportunities local programs have to form the priests the church needs now? In this session, Steven Tomlinson explores how theological educators are reimagining priestly formation and the critical perspective and essential resources local programs bring to this work — and how local programs and residential programs can partner to design the seminary of the future.

Plenary 2: Tuesday, June 29
Planning for Effective Formation: As we begin to dream the reimagining of local formation, Halley Ortiz will take us through the process of identifying measurable objectives (what do they need to know?) and observable outcomes (what does it look like when they know it?), which will inform and guide lesson planning, student engagement and practice, student assessment, and course evaluation.

TEAC Grid for Priests and Transitional Deacons; TEAC Grid for Vocational Deacons

Link to Main Meetings (1pm-4pm)

Coffee and Cocktail Hour Topics

From 4-5pm CDT each day, we’ll meet in small, informal groups to discuss issues of special interest to Iona leaders. Grab your favorite beverage and bring your opinions, tips, resources, and questions to the Zoom room of your choice.

Leadership Development, Monday June 28: What tools do locally formed leaders need most and what are some strategies for incorporating leadership development into our curricula? Dean Sam Faeth (Western NC) will be hosting this conversation. ZOOM LINK

Future Church, Monday June 28: We all know the Church is changing rapidly. What demographic and denominational trends should we have our eye on as Christian educators? How are local formation programs adjusting to changing conditions? Rebecca Hall (Iona Collaborative) will be hosting this conversation. ZOOM LINK

Google Classroom 101, Monday June 28: Did you know that Iona Collaborative membership now includes free access to Google Classroom? Learn how two Iona Deans are using this newly available tool in their settings. Deans Steve Orwig (Oklahoma) and Kelly Sundberg Seaman (New Hampshire) will be hosting this conversation. ZOOM LINK

Teaching Pastoral Care, Monday June 28: John Lewis will introduce the new Pastoral Care Curriculum. Bring your questions and also suggestions for further curricular development in this area. ZOOM LINK

Lay Leaders and the Future of Local Formation, Tuesday June 29: How are Iona programs already training the lay leaders of the future? How might programs adapt and create curricula to better serve this growing cohort of students? Nandra Perry (Iona Collaborative) will be hosting this conversation. ZOOM LINK

Booher Library 101, Tuesday June 29: Learn how to use the latest electronic resources available to Iona students through Seminary of the Southwest’s Booher Library. Library Director, Alison Poage and Serial/E-resources Librarian, Duane Carter will show you the newest additions to our collection, answer FAQs, and host a conversation about future needs. ZOOM LINK

Video from the Booher Library 101 meeting

Reimagining the Spirituality Curriculum, Tuesday June 29: Rebecca Hall (Iona Collaborative) will be hosting this conversation about the future of our Spirituality Curriculum based on the preliminary work of our 2020-21 focus group. Bring your suggestions, questions, and stories about what is working in your context. ZOOM LINK

EES Grants Workshop,Tuesday June 29: Did you know Iona students are eligible for EES grants? Day Smith Pritchard, from Episcopal Evangelism Society will answer your questions about what makes for a successful EES grant application. ZOOM LINK