Reading Scripture for Spiritual Growth

Agenda for December 4 & 7th Cohort Meetings

HOMEWORK: Create a short curriculum with lesson plans for a small group using the contemplative method of reading scripture that we learned. Ideas: an Advent or Lenten series; a series on Parables; a topic such as forgiveness or compassion; for pastoral care such as for grief or conflict. We will share our curricula with each other at the next meeting.

Homework: Read this short reading on using an Ignatian method for engaging scripture. We will practice this in the next class together and then practice it individually at home over the Christmas break.

Hour One: Theological Reflection

Hour Two: Reading Scripture Imaginatively

Reading Scripture Contempatively

Homework for between November 6/9 and November 20/23 cohort meetings

Engage one passage a day using our 4-step contemplative method. I recommend engaging them in the order provided.

Jeremiah 29:11-13

Luke 11:1-9

Matt 13:24-30

Matt 4:1-11

Gal 5:16-26

Matt 15:1-14

John 5:-2-9

Luke 15:11-32

Mark 7:31-37

John 5:2-9

Luke 1:46-55

Luke 19:1-10

Luke 7: 36-48

Matt 17: 1-9

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