Monday, July 27 Instructions


Hour One Topic: Introduction to Theological Reflection and Group Process

Hour Two Topic: Practicing Leaders, Practicing Congregations: Please first read Practicing Leaders, Practicing Congregations and then “To Dwell and To Seek” before our Monday meeting. You will find these PDF’s posted below.

Leave yourself 30 minutes after reading both articles to do the reflection questions at the end of Practicing Leader, Practicing Congregations.

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  1. Karen Boyd

    Are we to expect zoom information for the upcoming gathering or have I missed an email? Thanks! Looking forward to the coming year.

    1. ionacenter

      I posted instructions on the Spiritual Formation and Practices page. There is a Meeting Id and password as well as step-by-step instructions for how to get on the Zoom call. Let me know if you have problems! My number is there, as well.

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